Columbia Chiropractic and Massage Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Columbia Chiropractic and Massage

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"I had an amazing experience at Columbia chiropractic today! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, I feel SO much better! I will definitely be going back!"

Gene Nagel

"I have been using Columbia Chiropractic and Massage ever since I moved to Camas and find that the thorough process of adjustments and massages from the team have really helped me get through joint and back pain and feel more stress free. Highly recommended!"


"Dr. Reynolds and staff are amazing , very friendly ,professional . I feel so much better after a visit . I highly recommend Columbia Chiropractic ."

Jenell Dukleth

"Dr. Amy Reynolds has magic hands! Due to her prodigious knowledge of the human structure, she located abnormalities in my back and shoulder. Even though my PCP insisted there was no evidence to support referral to an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Reynolds persevered, and I got x-rays and MRIs, which revealed an immediate need for surgeries. I wasn’t far from life in a wheelchair when she intervened. I owe her more than I can possibly express! Thank you, Dr. Reynolds, for giving me back my life!"

Charlene Shivers

"Dr. Amy Reynolds knows exactly what she is doing. I relocate a lot, and as a life-long seeker and advocate of Chiropractic, have seen a lot of doctors and received a lot of adjustments. She has an excellent touch and knows just how to draw out those difficult kinks and tight triggers, and send you home on the mend. Thank you Dr. Amy"

Cyndi Cushing

"Have had a limited range of motion and sciatic pain left lower back, left hip, and leg for the past several months. Dr. Reynolds identified the issue as mostly muscular. After treatment, my pain is much lower and my range of motion has improved tremendously. I have recommended her to several friends."

Steven Holt

"Would definitely recommend Dr. Reynolds for anyone looking for an excellent chiropractor!"

Nadim Daya

"Dr. Reynolds is an amazing chiropractor! Definitely recommend her!!"

Ayesh Eabs

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